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What strange things can one make with a 3d Printer

The big question that arises when considering a 3-d printer is what can you make to offset the cost of the printer itself. Sadly the final product has a plastic feeling, cheap More »

Investigating 3-d Printing for the Modern World

In our modern world no home is complete without a 3d Printer. This idea seemed far fetched only a few years back, but within a few years this will be true. Just More »

Live Action Horse Racing – A glorious day at the track

It’s been a while since I have been to our local horse track, Golden Gate Fields, but my wife organized a day around the Christmas break. I wasn’t into the idea at More »

The growth of the opposition to Putin is fueled by the release of Pussy Riot

Pussy Riot: symbol of the new anti-Putin opposition More »

Pussy Riot Freed from Russian Prison – At Last!

Pussy Riot members freed from prison Click the link for more information. Below is an excerpt from the linked USA Today article: Pussy Riot members Nadya Tolokonnikova, 24, and Maria Alekhina, More »

Fluid extraction from hemp is a growing market for marijuana based edibles

In order to make edibles for marijuana based products it is helpful if the THC based marijuana is reduced to an essential oil so that it can easily be integrated into the cooking process. To accomplish this the fluids from hemp plants must be extracted using high pressure techniques that do not involve heat. The process is referred to as Supercritical fluid extraction and the equipment that accomplishes this task looks much like a still. High pressure filtering in carbon dioxide chambers forces the oil from inside the parts of plants in a way that preserves the THC quality that is ultimately desired in edible marijuana based products that can be sold at legal dispensaries. There are only a couple of manufacturers of these custom made still-like Supercritical extractors and there is a significant backlog and expense that goes into making them. To find out more on fluid extraction from hemp please return to this page over the next few weeks as we will be updating and expanding information on where to buy a Supercritical Fluid extractor online.

What strange things can one make with a 3d Printer

Pens with names made with 3-d Printer Technology

Pens with names made with 3-d Printer Technology

The big question that arises when considering a 3-d printer is what can you make to offset the cost of the printer itself. Sadly the final product has a plastic feeling, cheap and lightweight. Which means the products themselves are not going to increase dramatically in value to cover the $1000-2000 cost of a printer quickly. There are a bunch of STL files already available online for trinkets and knick-knacs that can be printed, the the thrill of printing them is the most value that is going to come from objects like that. Customizing products with peoples names or images is most likely a marketing angle for a 3-d printer, but still it is going to be products that are $5 or below in value, which means hundreds of them would need to be made to pay for a device and the plastic thread that goes into the process. Prototyping is the best potential use for this type of device; making individual items that can then be used for lost wax casting in jewelry or for mold making processes where the original needs to be created and a master mold made after that with silicon or urethane rubber that can be used over and over to produce heavier items with different finishes than what is available directly out of an affordable 3d printer. Many STL files for printing can be found online on websites like: by Makerbot

Investigating 3-d Printing for the Modern World

Dr Who Tardis - 3d Printed STL file for printing with a 3-d printer

Dr Who Tardis – 3d Printed STL file for printing with a 3-d printer

In our modern world no home is complete without a 3d Printer. This idea seemed far fetched only a few years back, but within a few years this will be true. Just like the internet took the world by storm in the last millennium, 3-d printing will be the marker for home engineering for this millennium. The industrial revolution brought on mass production and the digital revolution is realizing that things can be made only when you need them. Over the next few days I will be exploring 3d printers, scanners and software for designing and printing real world objects. I am attending the 3d Expo in Los Angeles, CA, Burbank to be exact and the products and printers that are available are not only affordable, but almost practical. My final goal will be to offer custom 3d printing services through Y-Que Trading Post in Hollywood, but for now I have to get more information and compare the various pieces of hardware and software currently on the market.

The weather versus the economy – Global Cooling versus Global Warming

The economy is cooling around the world while the globe is enduring global warming. Is there an inverse relationship between the economy and the threat of global warming? The effects of global warming are not all bad for the economy as it could provide a longer work year for areas that are normally shut-down for the winter. The economy could be effected negatively in the short-run by the effects of conservation which would mean that people in the end should spend less on useless services and goods if they are reducing their carbon footprint.

The missing Ling – Walking fish fossil discovered

The joke here is that the newly discovered fish is sort of a ling cod, or lungfish and I have to assume they are related.

Fraud is Everywhere – Watchout!

Warning from the no-so-wise, don’t get ripped off. I work at a retail store in Los Angeles and this week I deflected several attempts to get my cash. The first was an attempt by a last minute shopper to use a credit card that required hand typing in the number. Number One, the customer purchased too much stuff. She just kept getting things as if it wasn’t suspicious. That is the first sign of a Fraud, they don’t know or care what they are buying. As a salesperson I would want to make this sale and get my numbers up for the day, but seller beware, it’s a rip off waiting to happen. The potential customer had id that matched the name on the card, but the card did not swipe and the buyer requested that I hand punch the number into my credit card machine, NO! I analyzed the card and the magnetic strip was not worn down. I showed it to the customer and remarked there is no reason why this card should not work. I even brought out some of my cards that barely had the strip showing and they worked. Fraud deflected and the sale was lost, but I felt like I won.

The next day I had another late night customer buying a rather strange hat. This in and of itself was suspicious. He brought out a one hundred dollar bill, but something wasn’t right and I felt it. I did not have a hundred dollar bill to compare it too, but I have seen the new one-hundred dollar bill and this did not seem correct. The border was a little off and the paper was just a little too greasy. I claimed to only have five dollar bills and I was unable to change it. The potential customer claimed he could change it next door, so I encouraged him to come back after he changes his counterfeit one-hundred dollar bill somewhere else. He never came back and I lost another sale, or did I?

How to make money at the Horse Track – You Can’t!

It’s almost impossible to make money in horse racing, either by being an owner, a jockey or a bettor. It’s like trying to make money by making lead into gold; everything may sound good on paper, but it just ain’t gonna happen. There are rules and strategies, betting schemes and endless amounts of statistics, but nothing works in the long run. In the short run you can get lucky and make a few bets that will make you think that this sport is the best sport ever when it comes to gambling. That’s as good as it gets, because unless you know something special about a given horse on a given day, the odds are against you in the same way that you can’t really make a living playing the lotto.

The first problem is that the house, track and state take a big chunk of the pie. Essentially about 20% of all money coming in for a given bet is siphoned off the top for the operations and taxing of the track. That’s the problem, assuming the odds were correct and you played out your hand, you could theoretically win 20% and be even. This VIG is hidden, so you don’t see it as a bettor, but it’s there and it’s real. Think of the horse track and betting as a big poker table and the money is put out there by all the participants and the house takes it’s cut, then divies up the rest for the suckers, which is us the bettors.

The only way to win at horse racing is to be smarter than the rest of the field of bettors that are also throwing away money in the hopes of walking away with a few dollars more than they started with. This fact is what makes horse racing worth a shot, it’s faceless money with parimutual betting. You don’t have to trick the guy in front of you into betting, the bettors do it themselves across the country with online betting and around the corner at a bar in Portland or an OTB in New York. There are suckers like you everywhere and all you have to do is get into the game and get out while you’re up, then you win and they lose.

Can I print my own checks for my checking account?

Business, business, business means problem after problem. Simple problems, big problems, after a while it doesn’t matter what the size or type of problem it is, it’s just another problem and it needs a solution. This week I am having trouble finding my business checks and I need a check fast. I can’t get to the bank, because it is out of state, but I need to deposit a check asap. The idea that popped into my head was to print a check myself. I once heard that it doesn’t matter what a check is written on, you could even write a check on an egg and a bank would have to cash it.

I did some quick research and it is feasible to print my own checks, but if I don’t use “magnetic ink” there is a chance that the bank delays processing it automatically, which will cancel out the benefits of printing a check. This short piece is about getting a check printed quick and/or what methods are there of transferring money from an out-of-state bank account without the huge fees associated with bank wires and next day mail.

Live Action Horse Racing – A glorious day at the track

It’s been a while since I have been to our local horse track, Golden Gate Fields, but my wife organized a day around the Christmas break. I wasn’t into the idea at first, knowing that I have a tendency to over-think the races and waste a bunch of time doing it, so I ignored the event until the day came around. We went with a variety of people, our kids, 2 of which can gamble now and a cousin of my wife and his girlfriend. I picked up the Racing Form, which is now in a smaller magazine format, a tip sheet and a program. It was Dollar Day so this didn’t hit my wallet too hard.

We started breaking off into groups and devising ways to pick horses. I’ve got my own mixture of voodoo, but my first step is to walk over to the bulletin board and see what the results were so far in the day. My daughter quickly noticed that the number 5 spot had hit a bunch the day before, so I noted that in my head as a possible track bias. This was indeed some of the best insight of the day, although I didn’t over-focus on it when I looked at the horses. The day appeared to be a light mix of favorites with some medium odds horses, just the way I like it. One of the kids wanted to watch how I did my handicapping, so this allowed me to think out loud and we developed a committee of sorts looking at speed numbers, pace, class and past performances.

I placed a horse early and got a small exacta, nothing big, but it got my confidence up. My daughter on the other hand picked a winner right off and began turning a $2 bet into a small dynasty. We all did moderately good that day and the races built up excitement as everyone increased their knowledge on how to pick a horse. By the end of the day we were putting all of our energy into yelling at the horses to make sure they got over the finish line before the other horses did. I then made a pronouncement before the last race that if the number 5 comes in, which was the last bet my daughter made, she could never say she wasn’t lucky, her mantra, again. My wife nudged me that I shouldn’t put such a statement on a single event that wasn’t very likely given the odds of the horse, but I didn’t listen or qualify the statement. This could also be taken as if the horse loses then she must be unlucky. It was a long race, but needless to say the number 5 horse came out of the background and blazed right past my daughter through the finish line before anyone else. It was glorious and my daughter can no longer say she isn’t lucky, which was my biggest win of the day.

How to buy Life Insurance – The Big Gamble

Getting an affordable life insurance policy is easy, assuming you are still alive and in good health. The problem is that you have to endure the 3rd degree from any potential life insurance company by answering hundreds of questions about your medical history. The price you will receive for your policy is dependent on the variables of age, sex and your well-being. I have spent some time getting life insurance quotes and it is time consuming, but you can also get a free medical exam through the process.

I started with filling out an online quote form that promised to give me a variety of quotes. That was a big lie, they only took my information and forwarded it to a bunch of agents who then proceeded to call me to ask me the same questions. This was annoying and a pain in the butt, so I started telling the agents to email me a quote based on the information that they received from the online form, or bother. I am going to check my email, set up just for this purpose, and report back on if I got a single quote, multiple quotes or no quotes. The point here is that filling out an online form will get a bunch of agents to call you, but you will most likely have to start over by giving them the information again over the phone.

The benefits of life insurance are mostly to your family or loved ones. As I have gotten older I realized that I would never be as wealthy as I had thought I would be. Also my need for wealth has diminished over time as I don’t see the point of having a bunch of money in the bank just sitting there. If I passed away it would be eaten up by taxes and it wouldn’t be that much if I lived on and on and had to use the money for medical expenses, so why bother being the richest man in the graveyard. With life insurance I can have as much wealth as I want, when I die for my family, and not have to deal with the burden of making all that money while I am alive. This is the Big Gamble that makes a lot of sense to me and it removes that feeling of wanting to leave money to cover my bills if I did accidentally die.

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